Factors Affecting Old People

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CU4365 UNDERSTAND THE FACTORS AFFECTING OLDER PEOPLE 1.1 DESCRIBE CHANGES THAT MAY COME WITH AGEING. Some of the body changes are as listed below: What happens | Why | Mental function:Difficulty remembering or coming up with the right wordDifficulty concentratingDifficulty learning new material | The nerve cells in the brain release different amounts of some chemical messengers (which send impulses from cell to cell), and the number of receptors on nerve cells may decrease. Thus, the brain does not send or process impulse as well or as quickly. | Physical activity:Unsteadiness or loss of balance. | Structures in the inner ear that help with balance stiffen and deteriorate slightly.The part of the brain that controls balance (cerebellum)…show more content…
For example, nearly 40 percent of the nation's 1,200 working federal judges have reached senior status and could retire. But, these senior judges are crucial to the justice system and, handling reduced caseloads, carry out nearly 20 percent of the federal judiciary's work. This fact is also consistent with the literature on cognitive aging, which shows that reasoning about complex matters relevant to daily life—what some call wisdom–shows no deterioration with age. Yet pervasive beliefs about age-related decline tend to outweigh beliefs about positive aging in our culture. Negative stereotypes can have harmful consequences for the quality of life of older adults and can also result in a major loss to society. With increases in life expectancy as well as reduced infirmity, many adults are aging well, but negative stereotypes of aging may put society at risk for losing the contributions of these vital and knowledgeable people. The potential individual and social effects underscore the need to understand the content of aging stereotypes in terms of their accuracy and applications. It is especially important to understand how negative stereotypes exacerbate poor performance in areas in which decline is real. That is, beliefs that memory is bad in old age can reduce motivation when increased motivation is needed

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