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The Yellow Wallpaper: An Argumentative Essay on Why the Narrator Would Have Gone Insane Eventually Without Treatment In the story “The Yellow Wallpaper”, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the narrator speaks in first person. She is also the protagonist of the story and is diagnosed with temporary nervous depression, which is actually postpartum depression. The setting is in the country around the early 1900's. The house they are renting is a colonial mansion that has not all been kept up. She is a very repressed woman by very domineering her husband. She spends most of her time in her bedroom where there is hideous yellowing wallpaper that becomes her primary focus and is the ultimate cause of her insanity in the end. I…show more content…
Towards the end of the story, the narrator begins to obsess over the yellow wallpaper that covers the walls of the nursery. She eventually begins to see what she describes as a female figure trapped behind the bar-like pattern and comes to believe that she and the figure are suffering from the oppression of being imprisoned. As her preoccupation of the wallpaper pattern progresses, she no longer has the desire to become who her family wishes her to be and instead thinks only of how she can go about releasing the woman from the wallpaper. She grows more obsessive and insane with the passing of each day. In the end of the story, the narrator has lost all sense of reality, and John discovers her crawling around on the floor of the nursery, following the pattern of the wallpaper. The narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” was ultimately going to be driven to insanity because of her controlling husband, her writing being forbidden, and her growing obsession with the inanimate objects. In the end, she finally does away with her supposed obligations as a wife and mother, and her sanity as
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