Examine the Way in Which Regret Is Shown in Les Grands Seigneurs and Medusa

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Examine the way in which Regret is shown in Les Grands Seigneurs and Medusa Regret is shown in many ways throughout Les Grands Seigneurs and Medusa. In Les Grands Seigneurs it is shown by the way that she see’s men as these innocent and ignorant beings that she use to control and have under her control, then know that she is married and it’s the other way round she regrets this, due to the fact that she finds out how it feels to be used. We know that she used men as it states ‘Men were my buttresses, my castellated towers.’ Throughout that line she is using the word ‘my’ constantly, this is a possessive pronoun and makes it seem like they are under her control, and that she has more power than them. As well as this the use of metaphors adds effect as buttresses and castellated towers are to support and protect something more important, she is referencing this to herself as being more important and the men being there to support and protect her. Whereas later on in the poem she states ‘But after I was wedded, bedded, I became (yes, overnight) a toy, a plaything, little woman, wife, a bit of a bluff.’ This is showing us that she had lost her power and importance, and by adding the point that she became a wife, a plaything it is trying to make out that she became an accessory to the man, just another part of them. Something that came with the men but you wouldn’t expect to see out by themselves. These quotes show us that she regrets treating them the way that she did as she doesn’t like them treating her like that once they are married, but it is too late now and she can’t go back on what happened, she’ll just have to get on with it as that’s how it is. Whereas regret is shown in the poem Medusa as she regrets getting together with her man as Duffy suggests that it is the man’s fault that she had changed, but also through the people and animals she killed there is

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