Examine the Reasons for Changes in the Divorce Rate in the Uk Since 1969

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Examine the reasons for changes in the divorce rate in the UK since 1969 There is plenty of reasons in which divorces rates have changed since 1969, such as legal changes, the position of women and roles changing in the household. Comparing the past and present to understand why changes have taken place would be necessary. Traditionally the 'nuclear' family, a man, a woman and two children, was the most historically popular. However today divorce is very highly acceptable for half of the couples who get married. Children are now living with one parents (a lone parent family), with another family member or are being adopted. Divorce was extremely hard to come across in the past, it was very sociallly unacceptable, and took around three years before the divorce was filed. However in the more recent years there have been laws passing in order to allow divoce to be easier and cheaper for families. In 1969 there was the introcution of the 'Divorce Reform Act', making it easier for married couples to get a divorce. It is notivable that religioin is becoming a decline, so more people are accepting divorce as they believe religioin is less important, whereas in the past religioin was highly important and the church would not accept people to remarry. It is noticable that divorce today is viewed at as more acceptable, and in society today people don't believe in divorce as a negative thing as it is a lot more common than it was in 1969. Functionalists see divorce from a negative point of view, a functionaist would, say, blame divorce on failur of social instistutions, opposing to look into the individuals who are involved in the divorce. Functionalists believe that the couple should support traditional, historical familys (smaller divorce ratess, and that communcation, working together and equability is highly
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