Examine the Reasons for Changes in Divorce Rate Since 1969

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Examine the reasons for changes in divorce rate since 1969 Between 1961 and 1969 the number of divorces had doubled and then by 1972 it had doubled again. And by 1993 there had been about 180,000 divorces but since then it has dropped, in 2001 there were about 157,000 divorces however that is still about sic times higher than what it was in 1961! This rate means that about 40% of marriages will end in divorce. There are many reasons to why there has been a change of number of divorce. For example before it was very tradition for a woman to get married and be a stay at home wife looking after the children and depend on the man to be the breadwinner and support his family however, because there has been a change in the role of the woman the woman does not to fall back on the man anymore. For example there has been a rise in feminism therefore woman are being treated more equally and can get jobs and have careers like men and they can be the breadwinner. Also because there have been changes in the law, it is now easier for couples to get a divorce. The laws have equalized the ground for divorce between the sexes, it has widened the grounds for divorce and it has become cheaper to get a divorce. Also another reason for divorce rates changing could be because of societies attitudes towards marriage and divorce. Before society saw the woman as someone who had to get married and obey her husband and divorce was stigmatised to the point that churches did not allow people who had been divorced to get married at their church. But since then stigma declines and divorce becomes more socially acceptable resulting in more couples getting a divorce as a way of solving their problems within the
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