Ex-Felons Should Have Rights Restored Immediately

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Tanjala Harris ENC 1101 6 May 2014 Ex-Felons should have their rights restored immediately Introduction Ex-felons are people who are convicted of a crime known as felony (Drum 2). This is a serious crime which is punishable by death penalty or a very long term in a state or a federal maximum security prison (Drum 2). In broad terms, felony crimes range from rape, arson, murder and robbery with violence (Drum 2). These are crimes that most constitution demand heavy punishment in a campaign to eliminate such vices in our society. It is to this kind of unsocial behavior that debate came up on whether such convicts should be granted their rights or not. This paper aims at elaborately discussing persuasively as to whether such felony convicts should be included in societal and national events in the name of restoring their rights. Discussion Ex-felons should be considered like other human beings and their rights restored so that they can be allowed to vote. This is because voting rights is considered very important to be denied and it forms part of human freedom stated under the constitution (Briana and San Diego 2). The truth of the matter is that most ex-felons have literally paid the price during imprisonment for their bad decision and socially unacceptable behaviors. It is therefore not human to continue subjecting them into further discrimination. It would be like punishing them twice (Briana and San Diego 4). The society should know that the debt ex-felon carried was paid by the time spent behind bars (Briana and San Diego 4). When the judiciary prescribed the sentence to a felon and it is over, shouldn’t that be enough? Socially unacceptable crimes of felony are disregarded by many and the convicts are believed not fit to live with human population. How then should such offenders be allowed to participate on social
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