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Evolution Michele Padilla Biology/101 February 3, 2014 Sara Young Evolution The evolution lab environmental differences over a period of 100,200,300 years. The lab experiments with two different types of birds on two different types of islands. When changing the inputs of what would affect natural selection, one can view the effects of evolution. The size of the island will make changes to the population. The amount of precipitation will change the beak size. Changes to beak size will have an influence on variance. The materials used in this experiment was the web link; Evolution Lab. The lab ran the differences between beak size, heritability, clutch size, island size, population and precipitation. In the Darwin Island remained unchanged and Wallace Island was the experiment. The first run was to see if changing the island size would have an effect on population. The size of the Darwin Island remained the same and Wallace was changed to 1.0km. The lab was run over 300 years. The next text was to see if the beak size was affected by the amount of precipitation. Darwin Island was unchanged and Wallace was increased to 40cm. And lastly, to test the variance in beak size, Darwin remained the same and Wallace was increased to 2.0. Lab experiment was run over a period of 300 years. DARWIN WALLACE ------------------------------------------- Initial Beak Size: 12.0 mm 12.0 mm Heritability: 0.7 0.7 Variance: 1.0 2.0 Clutch Size: 10.0 eggs 10.0 eggs Precipitation: 20.0 cm 40.0 cm Population: 200.0 birds 200.0 birds Island Size: 0.5 km 1.0 km ________________________________________________________________________ Results: beak / pop beak/ pop 2096 17.42 468 | 17.57 1069 2196 21.21 646

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