Evidence-Based Practice Matrix

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Evidence-Based Practice Matrix of Ten Pieces of Primary Research on One Topic Related to Nursing Authors Resource/ Database Faresj, Scandinav T., ian Arvids Journal of son, Infectious L., Diseases . Bober g, P., Hagert WGU , B., Library Gursk y, E. A., & Timpk a, T. William s, S. Elizabet h; Rothma n, Russell L.; Offit, Paul A.; Schaffn er, Academic Pediatrics CINAHL Complete Year of Publication Research Type Population/ Sample Size 2012 qualitative 90% of 430 swedish medical and nursing students during the H1N1 pandemic descriptive 2013 Quantitative Experimental (randomized control study) 369 tennessee parents of 2 week olds infants were surveyed at 2 different pediatric clinics and 122 parents were eligible to

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