Evangelism in the Early Church

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The early church was out in the community on a daily basis spreading the gospel. The early church was not afraid to go out and evangelize to the unsaved. The early church was also very dependent upon the Holy Spirit. The early church was very consistent in presenting the gospel; they never compromised the integrity of the gospel message. Even if they were facing death, they stood their ground and continued to spread the gospel message. Early believers were not afraid to speak the message of Christ with boldness no matter the penalty. However, this was not a testimony of human assertiveness that depends upon having an aggressive personality. It is actually the opposite. The boldness of the early church was the result of a lifestyle of prayer and dependence on the Holy Spirit. The earliest Christians realized that life was not guaranteed and could end at any moment. The early believers were prepared to die for the glory of God and presenting the gospel. They refused to be silent when ordered to and that took amazing courage. Jesus approached evangelism head on. Jesus crossed barriers to bring the gospel to the people who needed to hear it. Jesus would find a way to turn the conversation into spiritual matters. Jesus listened carefully with whomever he was speaking. Jesus stayed focused on their spiritual needs. He made sure not to get sidetracked; He had one thing He was focused on and that was their need for eternal life. Jesus was patient; He knew when the time was that He needed to speak up and lead into a dialogue that leads to the truth. He points out their sin in their lives, showing them they have sin and that they are lost. At first the disciples did not cross any barriers to spread the gospel. When Jesus was speaking with the Samaritan woman, they said nothing to her. They were uncomfortable being in Samaria. It wasn’t until after Christ was
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