Evaluation of Animals’ Rights

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Evaluation of Animals’ Rights In the essay of Animals’ rights, author argued that killing animals in research experiment reflects a complete disregard of animals’ rights and that legislation for animals’ rights is needed. His argument can be further summarized as follows. For reference purpose, the sentences and items of evidence are numbered. 1. Killing animals in research experiment reflects a complete disregard of animals’ rights. 2. Animals’ rights is not a new idea and had been put forward in the eighteenth century. 3. Some professors have argued persuasively for animals’ rights. 4. A number of people have spoken out on animals’rights. 5. Legislation for protecting anmals’ rights is desperately needed. As evidence in support of the argument, the essay presented: 6. Each year hundreds of thousands of animals are killed in research experiments. 7. Quatation from French philosopher Voltaire showing that animals have rights because they have feelings and can understand. 8. Quatation from the famous jungle doctor and humanitarian, Albert Schweitzer showing that “reverence for life” applied not just to humans, but to all living creatures. 9. Quatation from professor Dr. Thomas Regan arguing that people resist the idea that animals have rights and see animals as objects rather than creatures. 10. Example of a group saving the lives of six gorillas in Ann Arbor. 11. Example of a man freeing two dolphins from a laboratory. Concerning the Clarity of the Argument: Several terms are ambiguous. For example, the author did not clarify animalis’ rights. What rights could be called animals’ rights? In daily life some animals are regarded as food and usually eaten by human. Does eating animals like chicken violate the animals’ rights? There are different kinds of animals, such as domestic animals, wild animals, endangered animals, ect. Does

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