Ethics in Nursing Essay

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BSc ADULT NURSING SEPT 2010 COHORT | Research and Governance | NURS 08015: Site Lead: Fiona Miller | Word count 2739Date for Submission: 13/03/2012 | | Professionalism and Ethics in Nursing are intrinsically incorporated within Scottish, British and European law (Flemming and Parker, 2009). Nursing practice is directed by guidelines from the National Midwifery Council (NMC). The author will show the relationship between the registered nurse (RN), the student nurse (SN), their responsibilities to the code of professional conduct (‘The Code’) and the Law in relation to the scenario. ‘The Code’ is not a legal document, its purpose is a guide to determine and enhance standards, to violate the code results in a breach of registration and potentially exclude the nurse from the register and practice (NMC, 2008). The school nurse has a comprehensive and complex role that reinforces the physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being of pupils. It is the extent of these activities and the unique non-medical environment that creates the distinction from other nursing specialties (Luker, Orr and McHugh, 2012). In 2003, the Government introduced ‘Every Child Matters’, resulting in a transformation of services to young people. ‘Getting It Right for Every Child’ strategies meant the school nurse role became pivotal in delivering health services, education and promotion, including the development of sexual health education (Board et al, 2011). The Scenario Steven Mulgrew is a 17 year old school student who has disclosed to the school nurse that he has contracted Gonorrhoea. He has declined treatment and does not wish anyone to be aware that he has had a positive test. He is in a relationship with Sarah. Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease (STI) affecting both sexes and is one of the most common STI’s in Scotland, left untreated can

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