Ethical Dilemmas In The Film 'Unit, Corps, God, Country'

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In the movie it was obvious that COL Jessup truly believed that he was doing right by his people. The ethical dilemma was the manner in which he did it. It was obvious that he was disobeying orders from his superiors and placing his subordinates in Ethical situations. Lt Kendrick is Private Santiago commander, he denies his transfer and agrees with the code red. The defense discovers that the death was the result of a ‘Code Red’ illegal corporal punishment meted out to a soldier in need of discipline administered upon the order of a Colonel Nathan Jessup. What weight to attach to a defense of “superior orders” when these are claimed as the basis for action by a soldier. On the one hand a soldier’s duty to the military is considered paramount, the code for Marines is “Unit, Corps, God, Country”; at the same time, as a human being, he cannot be exempt from the moral duty to differentiate between right and wrong.…show more content…
Two young Marines are charged with murder after they performed a “code red” on another Marine under orders from their superior officer. A “code red” is a hazing procedure that is not part of the official Marine discipline, but something rather commonly done at Gitmo. Private Santiago died, even though that was completely unexpected, and so they were charged with murder. Kaffee and Galloway defend them in court martial Violates the basic abligation of the public

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