Robert Latimer : Morally Wrong

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Robert Latimer : Morally Wrong Robert Latimer murdered his daughter who was suffering from cerebral palsy. Latimer claims that the time he killed his daughter, he was acting out of mercy . Was Robert acting out of mercy or discrimination ? Robert claims the Tracy’s disabilities had nothing to do with her death, yet Tracy’s disabilities had everything to do with her death. If Tracey did not have cerebral palsy and other disabilities would Tracy have undergone several surgeries and been in pain? It was because of her disabilities that Tracy was having surgeries and was in intense pain therefore her life was ended because of her disabilities. Robert unknowingly discriminated against his daughters health issues and the effect of that was him killing Tracy and claiming it was out of mercy. We cannot say or even think of what Robert Latimer has done is morally right or ok. If we do we are saying that anyone who murders someone else who is suffering or is in pain has right to do so. Should all people who are suffering and disabled be murdered? Is ones persons life more valuable then anthers because of their pain differences or flaws , we are all flawed in different ways. There is also pain and suffering in every life. Who can decide for another that death would be a more preferable mercy or kindness, rather then continuing life with its pain. No one should discriminate or judge whose life is valuable and whose is not. We all have the right to life. That Sunday morning while his wife and his other children were at church Robert Latimer murdered Tracy in his pick up truck then he took Tracy’s limp body back to the farm house and put her into bed. When Tracy’s death was first discovered Robert lied, and tried to conceal what he had done. Before the autopsy Latimer said that Tracy had died in her sleep, after the autopsy proved otherwise that she died from carbon

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