4.05 Gift of the Magi

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Part 1 1. The Gift of the Magi 2. I think Della’s long hair and James’ watch both represent something valuable to them. Della’s hair shows that she can be feminine even if she isn’t rich. James’ watch gives him some pride; he has a golden watch and he’s poor so he isn’t that lowly of a man. 3. Della sees her hair as something to be proud of; she may be poor but she has long hair something all women of that time envied. It was the little dignity she had and could hold on to. James’ watch was important to him because his father had given him. It was a watch that caused great envy in between the men of the city. To them these objects were objects of value. Something they could be proud of. Part 2 1. What you read below is NOT a true story. I couldn’t think of anything. A man is sent to trial for killing another man because he hit his wife. To the man, he was doing justice. Some delinquent hit his wife for no reason and so he killed the man. To the judge, that is not “acceptable” behaviour and the fact that some other man hit his wife does not justify his murder. 2. The world’s view of truth and God’s view of truth, to me, are somewhat similar. It does not mean the world encourages speaking the truth but they agree to some extent on the meaning of truth. What I think the world teaches us though, is that sometimes it is okay to lie and that sometimes it is necessary to lie; as long as it makes you safe or it doesn’t hurt others whereas God tells us to always speak the truth no matter what. Something that can cause two people to view the truth differently is how they were raised. If a child was raised in an atheist or agnostic family he or she might not value truth as much. He might think it’s not necessary to always speak the truth. On the other hand, if a child was raised in a strictly religious family he might feel obliged to speak

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