Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ethical dilemma is a situation involving moral principles with no right or wrong, the decision depends on the desired consequence people want to achieve. In real life, we have heard so many ethical dilemmas that emerge in societies, especially the situations which involve corporate interactions. For example, Nike and its sweatshops issues have caught almost everyone’s attention in the past decades. It is really difficult to determine whether Nike was wrong or right, however, it is fairly easy to tell whether Nike was ethical or unethical. To generate the biggest profit is the main goal for almost every corporation. At the point of view behind the corporation, Nike had chosen the right way to deal with the manufacture suppliers when it decided to outsource its plants to developing countries which are mainly located in Asia. In order to generate the most profit, Nike negotiated with its manufacturers in a legally manner and the negotiation is enforced with subcontracts. As a result, things that done in those Asian countries are acceptable not only by local citizens but also the local governments. However, controversial issues such as child labor, harsh condition of sweatshops and low paying had damaged Nike’s image in the American market; many people also protested against what Nike had done and criticized Nike as a “corporation without heart”. Clearly, the problem that Nike faced is whether to provide labors normal benefits which are common in Asian countries in order to produce the maximum profit for the company, or sacrifice a portion of profit in order to provide labors better offers. This is really challenging decision because either options were not going to give the most idealistic solution. However, Nike chose the former option which is to generate the biggest profit and give labors lower wages. Before the adverse news came out in the American market, Nike

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