Ethical and Nursing Sensitive Indicators

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Ethical and Nursing Sensitive Indicators

When caring for any client a nurse needs to culturally aware and competent when providing care for them. Having a general awareness is a start but if a patient were to present with a cultural preference the nurse could ask the client to educate them or be proactive in teaching themselves so they can provide optimal culturally competent care. In this particular case study the client Mr. J, a retired Jewish rabbi, has been recently hospitalized after being treated for a right hip fracture after falling at home and having a diagnosis of mild dementia.
A. Nursing-sensitive indicators are defined as “the structure, process and outcomes of nursing care.” These indicators help define the structure in which nursing care is given by the “supply of nursing staff, the skill level of the nursing staff, and the education/certification of nursing staff.” The goal of nursing-sensitive indicators is to provide paramount education that help improve patient outcomes on items such as falls and pressure ulcers, thus when there is greater nurse education and quality of care they are likely to be preventable or treated appropriately (American Nurses Association, 2014). In the case of Mr. J his daughter noticed a red, depressed area over Mr. J’s lower spine while the CNA was getting him out of bed. If the nurse and the CNA would have used nursing sensitive indicators they would have known prevention is the key and would have been turning the patient on a turn schedule. The CNA also would have been able to identify that the red area is the beginning of a pressure ulcer and known to report it to the nurse. Mr. J also had restraints in place and it is not noted if the nurse and CNA were following a restraint protocol and were checking the restraints properly. Another concern is the restraints Mr. J is wearing. He has mild dementia but noting

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