Ethan Frome Fate Versus Karma

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Fate or Karma? Ethan Frome, a book about a man named Ethan Frome, of course, and two women named Mattie and Zeena. Ethan is married to Zeena and had been married to her for the past seven years. Their relationship started off well. They loved each other; she made him feel better even though his mother died which was the reason why he married her; because she made him feel less lonely after his mother’s death. But later on in their marriage, Zeena became sick right before Ethan was about to start a new life with her outside the town of Starkfield. Her illness made their lives miserable. Ethan was bound to stay with her and in the town for a long time. Mattie, Zeena’s relative and had just moved to Starkfield with Zeena and Ethan to help Zeena out while Ethan goes and works during the day. Ethan at the beginning of the book was outside a church dance. In that church dance, Mattie was dancing with another man named Eady. Ethan was jealous; yes, he fell in love with Mattie. Ethan was a married man but he still fell in love with another woman. His relationship with Zeena was not as good as it was when it started, for her illness had changed her. It made her a woman who complains a lot about her health. Mattie on the other hand is a lovely, very healthy, and beautiful lady. At the middle of the novel Mattie and Ethan expressed their love for each other, well, at least Ethan did. He kissed her and told her about his feelings. By the end of the novel they were both in love and about to escape with each other. Ethan was hesitating about doing it because Zeena was in a bad condition; he was thoughtful and felt a little guilty. They still wanted to spend the rest of their lives together but that was not possible because of Zeena, for she needed a better girl to take care of her. At the end of the novel, when Mattie is about to leave, she and Ethan went sledding and decided

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