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Ethan Frome: A Heroic Tragedy When you think of the story of a hero what do you think of? A hero may not be as noble and heroic as you think. In a tragic hero, there are six elements: the hero and his/her status in the public eye, how his/her personality is neither good or bad, the struggle and downfall the hero has, the punishment the hero receives exceeds the crime, the gain in self knowledge by the hero, and the authors catharsis. Ethan Frome is an example of a tragic hero, as the book expresses these traits through the main character Ethan Frome .Ethan Frome has to express at least five of the six elements and it does. Ethan Frome is a tragic hero based on the Aristotelian elements. Ethan is not royalty, but he is of a high statue in the town of Starkfield. He was smart with a high school diploma and even some college, compared to the rest of the town that is very good. His desire to learn makes the narrator and others respect him. He also takes care of his families and Zeena. This is another reason why Ethan Frome is a person of high power, like Aristotle’s tragic heroes. Ethan is also like a tragic hero because he is basically a good guy with a flaw. He feels so obligated to his family, farm, and Zeena he does not care for himself. He leaves college to come back and help his mother. After Ethan marries Zeena he is obligated to her needs and medical help. He knows that he should leave but his Aristotelian tragic hero flaw: the many harsh winters in Starkfield, holds him back. Ethan Frome also has a great downfall. When Ethan starts to fall in love with the Mattie, is when he starts to downfall. He is so in love with Mattie and she becomes his only source of happiness. Because of this he wants to escape with Mattie, he tries to commit suicide. This failed attempt makes his life worse, now he has to suffer for a lifetime. Another element of a tragic

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