Eth 125 Religious And Ethnic Groups Research Paper

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Religious and Ethnic Groups Zorri McKinley ETH/125 June 2, 2013 Tanya Roundtree Religious and Ethnic Groups There are many religions out in the world today, and each religion has their own beliefs, worship practices, or values that they follow. With the different religions out in the world today, we should educate ourselves about them before making any assumptions about them. Mormons, is a religious group that believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the son of God ( Mormons have beliefs, values and worship practices that differs from other religions, but even though they are different, it is a good idea for a person to educate themselves about any religion before discussing any topics, in order to have a better understand, and not treat a particular religion differently because without a full understanding of their values, and what they believe in, a person could look at them differently in a negative way. For example, when it comes to…show more content…
If we take the time to educate ourselves to learn more about their values, beliefs, and customs, it will help reduce the amount of discrimination and prejudice that they have to go through and hopefully eliminate it completely. References Barlow, R. (2012, May 07). Why We're Afraid of Mormons. Retrieved from Clutter, A. W., & Nieto, R. D. (n.d.). Understanding the Hispanic Culture. Retrieved from Do (n.d.). 11 Facts About Discrimination Against Latinos. Retrieved from How Mormons Worship. (2013, January). Mormon Beliefs. Retrieved from

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