Essay On War Of 1812 Causes

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Causes of the War of 1812 The War of 1812 was a war with deep roots – America vs. Britain. Some people believed it was a 2nd Revolutionary War. There are 3 causes that led up to the War of 1812: British impressment of American sailors, Indian conflicts in the NW Territory, and America’s desire for land. Britain was impressing America’s sailors. The Napoleonic Wars had broke out between France and England. Each of them wanted our support, but we declared neutrality. Neither one would respect our decision. Each side was trying to keep the U.S. from trading with the other. It was horrible to be in Britain’s Navy at this point in time and soldiers would go AWOL. The British said we were harboring their sailors on our vessels, and in some cases they were right. Britain declared the right to board our ships, find their…show more content…
The Indians there have a relationship with Britain and Britain arms them, trying to get America to focus on the Indians, rather than deal with issues at sea. Leaders emerge on the frontier. William Henry Harrison is committed to growing the NW territory and is appointed governor there. Tecumseh (military) and the Prophet (religious) are brothers and leaders of the Indians. The Indians do not want white men advancing further into their territory. Tecumseh realizes that if the Indian tribes unite, they can stop the Westward advancement. Tecumseh and The Prophet choose Tippecanoe Creek as their headquarters and name it Prophetstown. The Prophet goes to live there. Tecumseh leaves to go rally unification of the tribes and Harrison moves in with his troops with the Battle of Tippecanoe. They burn Prophetstown down and completely wipe out the Indian headquarters. When Tecumseh returns, he is angry and ready to side with the British against the Americans. He has a whole group of Indian tribes ready to follow him because of the burning of
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