Essay On Sex Offenders Recidivism

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The issue of sex offenders is one of the most complexes to be found within the law enforcement community. Very few criminal demographics evoke the same amount of rage and disgust as sex offenders, and that fact combined with their traditionally sky high recidivism rate puts sex offenders in a criminal category all their own. It is clear that sex offenders need to be dealt with in a way that is very different from other forms of criminals. Some authorities have even publicly voiced the idea of sterilizing sex offenders. With radical ideas such as this floating around and even gaining traction, it is clear that more research needs to be done regarding sex offenders specifically to figure out a way to limit the crime as much…show more content…
The goal of any law enforcement philosophy is to limit crime whenever possible, and it is rather apparent that whatever the statistics may show, sex offenders have a recidivism rate that borders on a pathological need to commit additional crimes. Merely brushing this aside by saying after their prison term that they have paid their debt is insufficient in light of the emerging research; it must be studied further in order to determine what the most effective way to curtail sex offender recidivism is. The research problem I will examining is why sex offenders have a recidivism rate that is so much higher than other crimes. I will focus on scouring the published material to find out if there is some sort of hormone imbalance in the average sex offender, or if there is a commonality in their upbringing that pushed them to commit such horrible crimes. The goal will be to look for links between sex offenders that commit the crime once again after their prison term is over. To provide background, much of the established research has focused on whether or not sex offenders have a higher recidivism rate. Many studies have been done which purport to show that they have,
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