Using the Above and Elsewhere, Asses the Value of the Right Realist Approach to Crime and Deviance. (21)

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Right realists believe that crime is not a social construction as other theories such as the labelling theory believe they believe it is a real problem. Official statistics show an increase in violence against the person’s offences of 1% and an increase of 25% in sexual offences against girls. Right realists state crime destroys communities as well as threatens work ethic in today society, this view is shared with neo conservatives. As stated in item A James Q Wilson states that crime is a result of biological differences, some people are more biologically predisposition to commit crime. Eysenck’s personality theory states criminal behaviour is a result of genetics and the nervous system. Those with extrovert personalities are more likely to commit crime. These personalities are as a result of the RNS dampening down the nervous system which makes the person seek stimulation which they find in crime such as fighting and joy riding. Furthermore Eysenck goes on to say that those with Neuroticism are also more likely to commit more crime due to adrenaline being forced in to the blood stream by the ANS. Eysenck has conducted personality and genetic studies which support his theory., criminals and non-criminals were compared and crimples were found to score more highly on the P and N scale. Murray supports this stating that the main cause of crime is lack of intelligence which is a biologically predetermine factor, however Lilly et al states that IQ different account for less than 3% of differences in offenders. Furthermore Eysenck’s theory only explains spontaneous crime such as joyriding and not crime which is predetermined such as serial killers who many plan their kills in advance. Right realists also believe that offending is more likely due to inadequate socialisation. 70% of young offender come from lone parent families. Murray states that crime is increasing due

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