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Hammurabi was a born leader; he claimed many city-states and ruled the town’s people with fair but strict control. He in fact was the 6th ruler of the Babylonian, as well as being responsible for restoring the order and justice for the people of Mesopotamia. In about 1786 Hammurabi organized a set of codes, which was probably not his own creation but a continuation of a passed legal system. Hammurabi’s code consisted of 282 laws that governed over family, crime, ethics, business, and trade, as well as every single aspect of the lives in which his people led. Many of his codes were harsh and cruel for instance, one of his most infamous codes is number 196, “If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out.” His codes were fair…show more content…
The first few decades of his reign were reasonably peaceful, he used his time to make his city-state a more powerful place. He works include raising their cities walls so that no one could come into their land without a fight, as well as expanding their trading routes across the Zagros Mountains. He also helped to improve the agriculture of his land but going forth with the irrigation process. As well as helping the land, he strong encouraged his people to up keep on their literature, arithmetic, and astronomy. Hammurabi experienced many military victories during the ending period of his reign, he was not a great builder. By builder I mean he was not able to build his city-state into a well balanced structure. Hammurabi did not develop a functional bureaucracy and chose to follow dictatorial approach to governance. He was good at building temples, city walls, irrigation and fighting wars but relies upon his supporters to survive as a ruler. Hammurabi is one of the most recognized rulers of his time but it would not be correct to say he was the most

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