Essay On Glasgow Fifth March 1971 By Edwin Morgan

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The poem 'Glasgow Fifth of March 1971', writen by Edwin Morgan, is an instamatic poem which describes a very violent incident. The writer manages to make us feel as if we are watching this incident as it is happening. The writer uses word choice, imagery and symbolism to create an upsetting atmosphere for the readers. This poem is split up into three couples instead of stanzas; a young, romantic couple, two youths, and two drivers. The young couple are the victims, who are pushed through a shop window by the two youths, while the drivers, who are used as symbolism in the poem, 'keep their eyes on the road'. The first couple that Morgan introduces the reader too, is the young, romantic couple. The writer uses the word choice of 'Diamond', suggesting the shop was a jeweller's, giving us the image of them looking at an engagement ring. This gains the readers sympathy, as the couple are thought to be feeling love for each other, but it is cut short as they are thrown through the shop window. He uses the words 'a young man and his girl', as to say that this could have happened to anyone. Morgan creates very violent images using his great word choice; 'ragged diamond', 'shattered plate glass' and 'broken window'. He uses onomatopoeia to add sound effects to the silent image in your head; 'shattered plate glass', 'bristling with fragments of glass' an 'spurts'. Also, Morgan uses contrast; 'spurts arterial blood On her wet-look white coat', which gives you an image of how deep red blood looks on a snowy white backround, and helps you imagin how dangerous and deadly the injury is. Morgan also uses contrast of the young couples emotions of 'surprise, shock and the beginning of pain' to the youths whose 'faces show no expression'. The second couple that Morgan introduces the reader too, is the two ruthless youths. The poet uses 'operation' to describe how ruthless the
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