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Electric Current Matter is made up of atoms which have negatively charged electrons orbiting a positively charged nucleus. The nucleus is composed of positively charged protons and neutral charge neutrons. The influence of charges is accounted for by forces acting between them and the voltage and electric field produced by them. One coulomb of charge is enough to power 120 watt light bulb for one second. Two same charges of one coulombs would repel with a force of about one million tons. An electric current is the rate of the a charge flow past a specific point within an electric circuit. An electric current is measured by Coulombs per second, or amperage. Permanent Magnet and Electromagnet A permanent magnet is made out of magnetized…show more content…
Ferromagnetic materials enhance the magnetic field of the electromagnet. Electromagnetic are devices that use electricity to generate a magnetic field. A magnetic field is created when the electric current flows through the entirety of the wire attached to the conductor and emitting a circular magnetic field. The direction of the magnetic field is dictated by the flow of electricity. The current is strongest near the center of the conductor carrying the current of electricity. Electromagnetics also like permanent magnets posses a north and south pole due to the magnetic field being stretched like a bar magnet. The greater the number of coils wrapped around the greater the strength of the electromagnet. The flux within an electromagnet is proportional to the number of coils and the current flow. This is called Magneto Motive Force which equals I x N ampere turns. A current I flowing through a wire with N number of coils. Thus, the more coils created by the wire the greater the magnetic field. Furthermore, the strength of an electromagnet depends on also on the type of core material Ferromagnetic material allowing for the greatest magnetic field as well as the amount of current flowing within the

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