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Running head: CONTINUUM OF CARE Continuum of Care Continuum of Care The healthcare system in America is well developed and available to all people who entitle to medical care. However, the system can be very difficult and annoying at times, but it has developed into the world largest healthcare organization of today. Previously many hospital facilities accepted patients who were terminal ill and cared for until death. The majority of medical doctors often practiced in hospitals and those who were privileged are able to receive care. Today the healthcare system has extremely changed and people are receiving more care for their sickness. Currently the goal of healthcare is to add continuum of care for patient, one who meet needs at every stage of life, health are even death. Continuum of care includes many services such as managed home…show more content…
The services they provide are part-time or intermittent nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy and home health aide. ( Medicare, 2006). Home healthcare has a plan that makes small payments to health providers on behalf of the patient, changing the financial risk for healthcare from patients and payers to providers. There are certain circumstances patient have to meet in order to qualify for home health care. Doctors must determine that you may receive medical care in your home. Medical care may include all therapy services and nursing care. Patients must be homebound, meaning they are confined to their home due to illness or injury. However, it’s not necessary that they are homebound, but leaving their homes must require supportive devices such as a cane, wheelchair, or the help of another person. Services the home health aides offer are personal hygiene help, nursing assistance, and cleaning. (PHCA,
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