Certified Nurses Assistant

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JOB DISCRIPTION/DUTIES CNA is short for Certified Nurses Aide. CNAs provide direct patient care that is both medical and non-medical. They are usually supervised by registered nurses and CNAs often assist LPN nurses in a hospital setting. A CNA's work duties would include taking vital signs, helping with some medical procedures, assisting patients entering or leaving their beds, assisting patients while they are walking, cleaning and tidying a patient’s room, answering call lights, making beds, delivering messages, monitoring patients and reporting changes, collecting samples for testing, providing patient hygiene, feeding patients, and monitoring food and liquid input/output. CNAs work in a vast amount of settings including hospitals, outpatient facilities, long term care facilities, clinics, and in home care. They are often given patient duties that are undesirable to other hospital staff. WORKING CONDITIONS Interpersonal Relationships CNAs have to have a high level of social interaction with their patients, visitors, nurses, and their other staff members. It is important that they speak to their staff and patients in person on a daily basis so they can develop good communication skills and that their staff and patients trust them and know what their doing. CNAs are responsible for the health and safety of patients and they sometimes must handle patients who are physically aggressive or violent. They are sometimes placed in conflict situations in which patients and family members may be upset or angry. Physical Work Conditionsji CNAs must always wear proper attire which is usually consisted of scrubs. They always work indoors and are very near to others. They come in physical contact with patients throughout their shift. CNAs are often exposed to contaminants and diseases or infections from contact with patients. Sometimes they need to wear safety gear
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