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The West in 15OO 1 ] Today, Canada is one of the most urbanized nations in the world, with over eighty-twp percent of the population living in towns and cities. Back in the 1500’s the West was completely opposite. The majority of the population lived in the countryside. Agriculture was a primary economic activity and farm workers were spread across the land. Unlike today there were only a very few important cities although they contained a very small population in comparison to what our cities are made up of today. Farms and rural villages were the most common form of community throughout the west. In the 1500’s there were no giant companies like the ones of today. Almost all production was local, this was because transportation was slow and costly. Regions had a tendency to grow…show more content…
As the living standards of an ordinary Canadian rose in the 1960's more of them could afford to send their children to university or college, where as in the past parents may have sent their children out to work by the age of 15 but they wouldn’t start full-time work until their early twenties, having first earned their diploma or degree. As these people’s income began to arise as a result of bettering their educations, social changes followed. More flexible arrangements were adopted. The traditional house wife role became less common as they began working outside of their homes. All this had changed social values. During the 1500’s the wealth of the West was only rising slowly and an increases were distributed unequally. Those higher on the hierarchy such as nobility, religious figures, professionals and merchants experienced some income growth, but for the most part the rural agricultural labourers, city workers and the large numbers of unemployed people who made up about 99 percent of the population, experienced none of the benefits of rising

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