Potato Industry In Canada Essay

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Introduction When it comes to potatoes, Canada has a well earned reputation of being ranked the 12th largest potatoes producer in the world. Potatoes are high in nutrients and it fairly easy to grow in almost all climates and produces plentifully. Potatoes are an immense part in everybody lives as it is essential to a persons nutrition. The potato, now grown worldwide was discovered by Spanish explorers in Peru around the 16th century. Understandably, potatoes are the most important vegetable here in Canada, farms covering more than 160,700 hectares of farmland. Potatoes are the largest fresh vegetable crop in Canada and are second to tomatoes as a processing crop. Potatoes are an essential part of Canada’s vegetable crop…show more content…
Potatoes are Ontario’s largest fresh vegetable crop and second only to tomatoes as a processing crop. Potatoes help the economy tremendously, making over $200 million a year. The potato industry is very large, and to keep this industry going is all the workers and what their role accounts for. The potato industry has jobs for people such as the people who work at the farms, such as the farmers themselves who help harvest the crop, along with the people who package them up, who then load them onto vehicles, driving them to the businesses that owns the rail cars or the massive trucks, who then load them on and operate the railcars and drive the trucks, all the way to the factories, while has a significant amount of role to play, such as unload the potato’s and checking the potatoes to see if they are approved for packaging, processing them into the final product (French fries, chips etc..) they are then packaged by machines and then put on various types of transportation, depending on where they’re going (If overseas, plane or boat, If in Canada or U.S train or rail car) then after, they are then brought to the retailers and are dealt with unpacking, cooking,
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