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Aviation in the 1920’s and 30’s Since the Wright brothers invented airplanes and flight, people began to build on to those ideas and modify their creation. This really started to become a big deal in the 1920’s and 1930’s. That is when people started to create some of the first commercial airplanes, like a plane that would even carry mail across towns, cities and countries, the post offices even built air strips on their roofs for the planes takeoff and landing. It was the Post Office and airmail delivery that gave the commercial airlines their true start. In the early part of the 20th century, the Post Office had used mostly railroads to transport mail between cities. By 1925, only seven years after the first official airmail flight,…show more content…
A paddock or ground with distance to take off and land was perfect for these early barnstormers as they were referred to. (“Barnstormers, were for the most part, former military pilots who flew war-surplus aircraft such as the DH-4 and the Curtiss "Jenny." Living and working in their airplanes these "aerial gypsies" moved around the nation from town to town putting on air shows at fairs and carnivals. For a small fee, they took customers for short sightseeing flights. Thousands of Americans flew in an airplane for the first, and some for the only, time. People learned that the airplane was not just limited to destruction, by bombing, from the air, but that it was a machine with great potential economic impact.”)- Entrepreneurs would rent a landing strip and then hire a pilot, get permits and then charge passengers $1 per minute of flying time. Before world war 1, planes were rare, and you were lucky if you had seen one. In 1920 the air force auctioned off 10,000 surplus airplanes and 30,000 aircraft engines, many of which had seen service in world war 1. All of a sudden there were planes everywhere with aircraft manufacturers releasing new, bigger and better models every

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