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Atticus Finch, without much support from the others in Maycomb, shows his heroism when he tackles the racism in Maycomb alone. First, the racism in Maycomb is shown through several of the events that happens in the book, then Atticus Finch, gets appointed to defend Tom Robinson, a black person who is accused of raping a white girl, the verdict of the trial is obvious, but through what Atticus does for the trial, even without anyone’s help, Atticus shows his brave, heroic character when he challenges racism in Maycomb despite all the difficulties he has to overcome. The novel, To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a classic book which shows the racism against the black population in the 1930s in America through a criminal trial in which a black…show more content…
A normal lawyer would not that have done as much as Atticus has done if he was to defend Tom. During the trial, Atticus tries to provide as much evidence as possible to the jury to prove the innocence of Tom Robinson and that Bob Ewell was the one who beat up Mayella. During his cross examination with Heck Tate, he repeatedly asked Mr Tate which side of Mayella’s face she was beaten on, when Atticus confirmed that Mayella was beaten on the right side of her face, Atticus asked Bob Ewell to write his name on a paper, although the intention of this request was unclear to the Mr Ewell before he done it, he figures it out after he did it. Judge Taylor says ‘ You are left handed’ to Mr Ewell, this suggests that Bob Ewell could well be the one who beat up Mayella as he is left handed and Mayella was beaten on the right side of face. Although there’s clear evidence that Tom was innocent, the verdict is that Tom was still convicted, because such a decision to make Tom innocent is just something that would rarely happen as the intolerance in Maycomb towards the blacks can’t simply be changed by one person, Part of the reason Atticus failed the trial is that he doesn’t have much support form the people in

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