Oj Simpson Trial

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Paul Yale Mo Hassan Bus 18-80473 7 October 2013 O.J. Simpson Trial Verdict 1) What crimes were committed? The OJ Simpson case was a criminal trial, with two charges of murder to O.J. Simpson, the murder of his ex-wife Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, a personal friend of Brown. During the trial, Mark Fuhrman perjured himself on the witness stand, later pleading nolo contendere to a charge of perjury. 2) What were the defenses used? In a criminal trial, unlike a civil trial, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. They had collected a lot of evidence from the crime scene and from Simpson’s home. They also had collected a history of domestic violence between Simpson and Brown while they were married. The defense tried several tactics to create a reasonable doubt in the jury. They attacked the evidence, especially the bloody gloves and samples of blood found in O.J. Simpson’s car, home, and his White Ford Bronco that matched his DNA and those of the victims. They also discredited the validity of his previous domestic violence calls and accounts by friends and family of spousal abuse when Nicole and O.J. were married. This was essential to the prosecutions’ attempt to prove motive, or mens rea an essential factor for a criminal trial. The Juror’s later would state in interviews that they did not see the link between his spousal abuse and a motive for murder. They also attacked the credibility of witnesses from the Los Angeles Police Department. Detective Mark Fuhrman testified (he admitted under oath) he was not racist or uttered derogatory slurs about African Americans as a police officer. He was later recalled to the witness stand after a recording was introduced with his voice uttering the word “n*gger” several times, as well as other derogatory and prejudicial comments about African Americans. Det. Fuhrman was accompanied during his last

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