Essay on " Ghost Chamber" by Celia Rees

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Central Conflict The main conflict is character versus character. This conflict is between the members of the Goodman family. The reason why that is the parents are divorced and it brings so much stress on the children. So when the mother sends the children, Sally, Hugh and Bethan, to spend their first proper holiday with their estranged archaeologist father, they are happy and uncomfortable to be with him, due to the fact that they don’t see him that often.. The conflict is resolved in favour of the protagonist, the Goodman children, because all they really wanted was for their family to be together and that is what happens at the end of the story. Initial Situation Phillip Goodman buys an old pub called The Saracen's Head, in the English countryside in which he believes has a significant historical value. He thinks that some of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon, also called the Knights Templar, used this pub as a headquarters, in which they held many secret meetings, and hid some of their mysterious secrets, which has been a secret for over 500 years Phillip also believes that some of their most valuable treasures and secrets are established somewhere in the pub. Trigger Incident Janet Goodman, mother, sends her children to stay with their father at the Saracen’s Head. She was, at first happy to hear that her husband had finally gotten a place for his own. When they got there she was disappointed to see that the place was such a mess. She scowled at Phillip and told him that she is on Holiday with her boss Roger and she plans to go. Phillip tries to explain to her but she doesn’t seem to understand the importance of the place. Then after the conversation, she says her good byes to the children and leaves. Main Incidents Hugh and Sally found weird pieces of slate in which, embedded on them were of strange mysterious symbols

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