Erwin Schrodinger Essay

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Wenzel Lowe Period 3 Erwin Schrodinger Erwin Schrodinger was a physicist known for winning a Nobel Peace Prize from his wave equation and his paradox Schrodinger's Cat. Though not as famous as other scientists such as Nikola Tesla or Albert Einstein, he still proved to be a large contributor to the theoretical world of physics and science. On August 12, 1887 in Vienna, Austria, a chemistry professor birthed a soon to be known physicist, Erwin Schrodinger. As he grew, he was home-schooled by his parents and several tutors, stopping at the age of 11. Seeing that Schrodinger was intellectual, he went to a university preparatory school. At age 19, Schrodinger attended the University of Vienna, where he studied Physics. He was inspired and influenced by Friedrich Hasenohrl, another physicist who played a role in the famous E= mc², though he never gained much credit or fame to it. At Vienna, Erwin Schrodinger was able to achieve a PhD in Physics. He continued his interest in science by assisting professors and scientists. Such professors include Franz Exner and Max Wien. He moved up ranks academically and he too became a professor. Schrodinger then worked as the theoretical physics chair for the University of Zurich for six years. Those six years in Zurich was the main turning point in his life. He did several papers on thermodynamics, but his distinguished discovery was the Schrodinger Wave Equation. The wave equation was based on a footnote of Albert Einstein's work. This became the foundation of the research of the equation. Schrodinger thought of the electron movement in an atom as a wave. It predicts system's mechanical behavior. The most general form of the equation as time-dependent is as follows: [pic] The full equation is here [pic](Wolfram) “h” stands for Planck's constant, “ψ” stands for the wavelength, and “m” is the mass of the
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