Einstein's Inentions Changed Society.Discuss

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EINSTEIN'S INVENTIONS CHANGED SOCIETY. DISCUSS This essay is going to give a brief history of Albert Einstein, State his inventions and also state how they have changed the society. Who is Albert Einstein? Albert Einstein was born on the 14th of March 1879 at Ulm in Wurtemberg, Germany and died on the 18th of April 1955 at Princeton, New Jersey in the United States of America at the age of 76. Einstein was a physicist, He resided at many countries namely: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, and The United States of America. He has obtained citizenship in most of the places he resided. He has won some notable awards including a nobel prize in 1921 for his contribution in the field of physics. He acquired interest in science and mathematics at a very young age, When his father gave him a compass and he observed something made the needles move and he began experimenting on how it works. His father Herman Einstein was an Engineer while his mother was called Pauline Einstein. His father and uncle owned a company which produces electrical equipments which were based on dc (direct current). Albert studied his primary and secondary at Germany and also obtained teaching training in Switzerland. He obtained a PhD at a young age of 26 and was a professor at age 30. Einstein had some difficulty finding a job but he later found a job to work as a patent Clerk, He later Lectured at many Universities. He found a breakthrough through his publication in 1905. What were Einstein's inventions and contributions to the society? Einstein invented the television which is found in every home now and which is the most used device nowadays and people can not even live without watching tv now. It has become a very important part of every home thanks to Einstein. He also invented the remote control device which is widely used everywhere and makes it easier to control

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