Francis Cecil Sumner, Phd.

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Essay The Personal and Professional History of an African-American Psychologist and the Implications of his Individual work on the Field of Psychology. Francis Cecil Sumner, PhD. “Father of Black Psychology” [pic] Francis Cecil Sumner, PhD, is referred to as the “Father of Black Psychology” because he was the first African American to receive a PhD degree in psychology. Francis Cecil Sumner was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on December 7, 1895. As a child, he was educated in the elementary school systems in Norfolk, Virginia, and Plainfield, New Jersey. Sumner had one brother named Eugene. After elementary school, he was self-educated with the help of his parents, David and Lillian Sumner. Sumner's early education consisted of intense reading and writing assignments given to him by his father, who too had been self-educated. Sumner's parents played a huge role in the education of their son. They would work extra hours to be able to buy him textbooks and other reading materials needed for his education. In 1911, at the age of 15 Sumner enrolled at Lincoln University, where he sat and passed a written exam in order to be accepted because he did not have a high school diploma. In 1915, Sumner graduated from Lincoln University at the age of twenty. He formed many good friendships at Lincoln; two of the most important were his relationships with the president of Clark University G. Stanley Hall, and his relationship with James P. Porter who was the Dean of Clark University and a professor of psychology. During the spring of 1915, Sumner was notified by Porter that he had been accepted to Clark's undergraduate program for the fall semester. While attending Clark, Sumner continued reading many different books and he hoped to become a writer. In June 1916, Sumner received his second Bachelor's Degree in English. According
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