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Know the statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area of work. 1.1.1 List the aspects/areas of employment covered by law? (e.g. holiday entitlement, anti discrimination provision, sickness, data protection, Criminal Record Bureau Checks, etc) Paid Holidays, rest breaks, no unlawful deductions from wages, national minimal wage, not to be discriminated against, protection by the Health and Safety Laws, redundancy and dismissal, training, disciplinary procedures, union rights, consultations, CRB & Data Protections 1.1.2, 1.1.3 List the main features of current employment legislation and why this legislation exists? Employment law in the UK covers 3 main areas 1. Employer’s rights - these exist to make sure you…show more content…
(e.g. trade unions and professional organisations) Ofsted are responsible for legislation, Health and safety in Nurseries and makes sure that all nurseries comply. They also have a phone line open 24/7 so people can whistle blow or raise concerns about a nursery. Understand career pathways available within own and related sectors. 1.4.1 Explore the different types of occupational opportunities? (e.g. entry requirements, importance of continuing professional development, training and development etc) Diploma in children and young people’s workforce Levels of qualifications in Early years, childcare and play work L6 Early years profession status L4,5,6 L5 Foundation degree course (2 yers) L6 Top up B.A degree course (1 year) L3 and L3 NVQ in children’s care learning and development. Well known qualifications approved for EYFS include: 1. NVQ’s in children’s care, learning and development and the earlier NVQ’s in childcare and education. 2. NVQ’s in playwork 3. Certificate/diploma in Pre-School practice 4. CACHE certificate/diploma in child care and education

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