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Eric B. Hare was an incredible model for missionaries. He was excited about what he was doing. He and his wife embodied adaptability to the culture of Burma and the Karen people, the daily living conditions, the needs of the people they were serving, local politics and the war. He also used humor by calling himself Dr. Rabbit. He built uniqueness into his ministry of Jesus to the people with music and his band. He used bible lessons; education and medical help in his missionary life, and made the Karen peoples lives better. He was a great storyteller, as he was able to fit into their culture, and upon return because of the war, continued his story telling, in camp meetings, in books, and on records. Eric B. Hare, through the use of stories and missionary work impressed many people into converting to Seventh day Adventism. On October 12, 1894 in Australia, Eric Burnham Hare was born to Robert and Henrietta Hare. His father was Irish and his mother was American. He had a brother named Rueben, who was older, and three sisters, Ruth, Nettie, and Enid Lucy, who were all younger. His mother, originally Henrietta Johnson, was born to a Steamship captain and an emigrated German. She grew up learning about Jesus, but was never full aware about the Sabbath until her later years, when she began questioning things and reading for herself. She became an Adventist and attended Healdsburg College, where she became a fill in teacher for an absent math teacher. His father, Robert Hare, one of 24 siblings, was an early convert into Seventh-day Adventism in New Zealand by S. N. Haskill. Haskill recommended that he go to Healdsburg College to “prepare for the ministry.” Healdsburg College is then where Robert and Henrietta met. He got ordained, and they got married shortly after. Eric was engineered as a missionary from the start. He repeated this prayer with his mother every
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