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Governor John Kasich Bio Matt Emerman 1 May 2012 State and Local Government Early Life: John Kasich was born on May 15, 1952 in the town of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Anne and John Kasich, who were postal workers. While growing up John played an active role in his high school and church. Upon graduating high school he attended Ohio State University where he majored in political science. Ohio Senate: After college he became and aide to a Senator in the Ohio Senate. When he was 26 he successfully ran for the Ohio Senate. He was the youngest person ever elected to the Ohio Senate. John only served one term. U.S. House of Representatives: At 30 he entered the U.S. House of Representatives representing Ohio’s 12th District.…show more content…
In 2001, Kasich joined Lehman Brothers’ investment banking division in Columbus as a managing director. He stayed with this company until it went bankrupt and broke up in September 2008. In 2006, Republicans tried to get him to run for Governor of Ohio, but he declined. In 2007, Kasich was reportedly considering making a serious run for governor of Ohio in 2010. In March 2008, Kasich said “That the Ohio’s state income tax should be phased out.” Kasich was named the Honorary Chairman of Recharge Ohio in 2008. This organizations purpose was electing leaders that would “get our state back on track.” Kasich said “That he hoped that through Recharge Ohio, he could provide the framework necessary to allow Ohio to become a leader in economic and educational…show more content…
In Kasich’s cabinet he has no blacks and of the 22 only five are women. He is the first Ohio Governor to not appoint at least one minority since 1962. Kasich has received much criticism because of this. Although he claims to be considering putting slot machines at racetracks he is still indecisive about it. He will be the first Governor to actually oversee operating casinos in Ohio. Kasich plans to end the Evidence Based Model Program of Ted Strickland, but has not specified what will take its place. The $400 dollar federal grant given to Ohio for high speed rail project was given to other states such as California. This was due to Kasich wanting to use it for other projects. Kasich stated that he would not continue the executive order signed by Strickland allowing for collective bargaining opportunities for in house child care workers. Personal Life: Kasich was raised as a Roam Catholic, but after his parents died in an a car crash he converted to a more evangelical form of Christianity. He was married to Marry Lee Griffith from 1975-1980. He is currently married to his second wife, Karen, and they have twin

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