Environment Sustainable Practices in China and United States

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Assignment 2 Environmental Sustainability Practices Introduction This report is to summarize the similarity as well as difference between the environmental sustainability practices in United States and China. Compare and Contrast Practices in China It is no secret that China faces serious environmental challenges. The combination of rapidly growing population and lack of viable communication between states and local communities have produced difficult situations. Many argue, from Malthusians terms that overpopulation is the simple answer to a host of problems. Not only that, the distribution of resources across social classes of the populations would also result in the abandonment of many rural communities and establishment of inefficient and harmful method of resource consumption. Harmful methods of resource management and consumption have reached a level at which the environment will suffer exponentially. Nevertheless, it is these destructive modes of resource management on which China depends for food supplies, and it is through these same modes that China has starved itself in the past and may starved itself again in the future. Therefore, the government of China implements the ‘One Child Policy’ which allowed only one child in the family to reduce the problems of overpopulations and allowed a more even distribution of resources. This method may curb one of the major issues of environmental challenges that China is facing but it will take time for them to bear fruits. There are also some argument regarding the stricter rules and regulations regarding environment that the government of China is not willing to implement. One of the reasons is mainly due to the willingness of corporate in all parts of the world to build a factory in China if the rules and regulations of the environment were strict. However, there are no proper solutions up until now to

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