Environmenal Problems Facing Indonesia

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this is my 1st proper essay Environmental problems facing Indonesia Indonesia is unfortunately facing many Environmental problems just some of which are Illegal Logging, Illegal Fishing, over population and obviously the pollution that is all around there city. Were as I am aware there are many other problems these are the key problems that people would be most aware of. I will start off with the logging problem; this causes a large problem in many areas, it means that Indonesia's air pollution will get worse as they have no or less trees to absorb the Carbon dioxide, it also makes there government look completely useless if they cant even hold off a group of small time loggers giving more legal loggers less chance to sell there logs across seas as more logs can be sold cheaply by illegal loggers, Indonesia's Government have sectioned off 2/3 of there trees under supervision too not be cut down making illegal loggers life harder so at least the government is attempting to prevent any more illegal tree cutting. As Indonesia is a large area with a massive population jobs aren't very common so many people must go to become fisherman, now this has come across many peoples minds and they have almost fished out Indonesia so now they are crossing into Australian waters and catching out fish, this is illegal and both the Australian and Indonesia government have set up things to stop them, Indonesia patrols main areas of the sea joining, and Australia has patrols all over our side of the sea area, if a boat is captured they are bought to Indonesia's shore they are fined and there boats are burnt Indonesia's population between 1980 and 2001, the population of Indonesia grew 46%, from 147 million to 215 million. This in itself is a problem with many people being forced to live in streets or slums and dying, were as this is all tragic and whatnot, I am thinking of a
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