Mountain Beetle Research Paper

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The mountain pine beetle epidemic is causing environmental and social impacts to much of British Columbia. Our forests are very important and will no longer be able to maintain their role if changes are not made. The devastation has had a sweeping impact on B.C.’s ecological, and economical well-being. Additionally, recent studies are drawing attention to the carbon-emitting properties of the dead forests, which is a global concern. A popular misconception developed that the current provincial mountain pine beetle epidemic began in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. While there is a very large infestation in Tweedsmuir that has no doubt contributed to the beetle population in some areas of north-western BC, infestation centres in many other lodgepole…show more content…
Most disturbing are the attacks on very young Lodgepole Pine as a lot of this volume has actually been reforested from previous cutting and contributes to the province’s sustained cut (AAC). The AAC is now threatened not only from losing mature volumes but also losing the successive regeneration that we have come to rely on for the future. On their own, the beetles can fly 1 or 2 kilometers (kms), but with the right wind currents can fly more than 100 kms, which explains their ability to cross the Rocky Mountains into Alberta. This is significant in terms of threat as it now becomes a National concern with the MPB has adapting to attacking the Jack pine forests that cover areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and…show more content…
In addition, the ability of forests to soak up man-made carbon dioxide is weakening. The increase of Co2 being released into the atmosphere will affect the climate rather than the Co2 being safely locked away in the trees. Carbon dioxide is considered a primary greenhouse gas, or a gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and can lead to the warming of the planet. Unfortunately this will be an ongoing problem throughout British Columbia’s interior for at least another decade. Ecologically, renewal begins almost immediately; however, if left to do so naturally the process will be slow. Once the dead wood is removed and new trees are planted the regeneration phase is sped up to make safer and productive habitat for all of the forest’s plants and habitat. The global warming trend that we see being aggravated by the MPB epidemic will gradually renew balance and the new forests will begin to capture emissions and create oxygen, in turn creating a healthy

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