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English Controlled Assessment. Introduction- Introduce what I’m going to do. Point 1- Names Caliban is called, compare. Point 2- Language used against Caliban – imperative, abusive Ect. Compare. Point 3- Imagery of animals or beasts used to describe Caliban. Compare. Point 4- Language that describes the strength of Caliban. Compare. Point 5- The way Caliban is forced to work. Compare. Point 6- How Caliban is treated by the other characters. Compare. Conclusion- Sum up all the points. Helpings Introduction- In this essay I am going to explore and examine how the controversial character Caliban is portrayed in the play ‘The Tempest.’ I will also talk about the comparisons I can make with the way in which the tractor is presented in the poem ‘Tractor’ by Ted Hughes. Point 1- ‘ A howling monster; a drunk monster’ Trinculo ‘ Like a demon demonstrating’ Tractor Point 2- Caliban = Abusive, ‘A fish, he smells like a fish; a very ancient and fishlike smell;’ imperative(commanding), always saying ‘Come forth, I say! The tractor – the tractor is very much the same. Point 3- Shakespeare has described Caliban as a monstrous character throughout nearly the whole play. As Shakespeare describes him as a monster, this makes us think that Caliban is a strange and not human character. E.g ‘This is some monster of the isle, with four legs,’ ‘puppy-headed monster’ ‘Snow packed its open entrails.’ This makes a object i.e the Tractor sound like a animal as the entrails and the internal organs of a animal. Point 4- As I say, as he is described as a monster, you stereotype monsters to be big and strong. Caliban is said to be brutish and evil. Point 5- I could understand why Caliban is forced to work as he has done some bad things and needs to be controlled but he should have a chance to be free and live his

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