Ender's Shadow Book Review

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“Ender’s Shadow” by Orson Scott Card follows the story of a young child named Bean, who was picked up of the streets of Rotterdam to a school where children are taught to fight against the alien race known as the “Buggers”. “Ender’s Shadow” is the classic underdog story of a kid who goes beyond what is asked from him. Bean must endure the hardships that he is faced with such as losing his best friend and fitting in a ruthless academy designed for precocious kids. This book demonstrates the power of what a single kid could o regardless of what age the child is. The intended audience is for the people who want see kids go up and beyond right from the get go. The characters show an adult like behavior even though they are only children from the ages 9-16. Kids like Poke and Achilles who kill and run gangs at the ages of twelve epitomize an adult behavior even though they are young. The battle school, where Bean is taken to, transcends kids such as Bean from a shy child to a leader of the school. The story shows the progression of Bean and how he perseveres to actualize his goals such as finding out his past and learning as much information that he can on his peers and mentor. The book is written in third person view but not many of the character’s thoughts are always heard. Next the book tackles the issue of child and the many talents the bear such as intelligence, perseverance, and leadership. Bean learns to achieve all of this throughout the story. It is presented by showing how Bean acquires his skills no matter what the cost. The book’s overall theme is to persevere through the adversities we are faced. Bean was faced on abandonment and being the smallest and weakest of the class but Bean learned how to overcome these obstacles serenely and intelligently. Card writes the entire story with suspense and anticipation by carefully explaining the scene and what the
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