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Rogelio Cantero Read 0033-602 11/30/10 Ender’s Game Ender is a six year old boy, he has monitor in the back of his head, and Ender is a third. Ender gets his monitor taken away, after school the day he gets his monitor taken away; he gets in a fight and beats up Stillson boy. Later that day, when they were eaten at the dining table, they heard a knock on the door, it was colonel Graf from battle school he went there to convince ender to go with him, because he believe that ender could be the right one to save the world. Ender goes with Colonel Graf to battle school; he leaves Valentine behind, the only person he really loves, his sister. When Ender arrives at battle School, there are other boys his age there too. Immediately Graf isolates ender from the rest of the group. From the point on Ender, is to prove himself as the best. Ender and the other kids go through training. While he is at battle…show more content…
Do to this he is hated by many. So he meets Petra and Bonzo. Bonzo doesn’t like Ender and Petra is the only girl in Salamander Army which later also helps Ender. Ender is transferred to another Army and he becomes a really good leader that Petra and Bonzo hate, because he beats their Army. Ender becomes a great leader and later on, he is transferred to Command School as well as Petra, Bean, Alai, and guys he fought against or with. Ender meets Mazer Rackman, which is a great fighter that long ago, he defeated the buggers. Mazer becomes Ender’s teacher, and Ender learns from him. With Petra, Bean and the others guys’ help he defeats the buggers which pleases Colonel Graf. After the war they don’t let Ender go home instead he moves to where the buggers lived, he moves with Valentine. In the buggers world he meets a speaker for the dead, which is one of the baby buggers. She tells Ender that the buggers weren’t really trying to hurt humanity. Ender, Valentine, and the speaker for the dead go around the space trying to look for a good

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