Emerging Issues in Psychology

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Emerging Issues Psych 535 Emerging Issues There are many emerging issues coming out in multicultural psychology. The issues can come from culture issue to media influence on a multicultural individual. The two emerging issues that will be discussed in this paper are advertising and multicultural identity. These two issues are something that a multicultural individual would have to deal with and learn to either over come or get around it. Both of these issues can have an impact on society as well as how they affect interactions with culturally diverse groups. Impact of issues on society Advertising can have a large impact on multicultural psychology and on society. Each cultural group has to see and hear advertisements each day. According to Lee, Sung, and Gregorio (2011) product placement, “…the deliberate placement of branded products and services within media content…” (p. 366), is a way of advertising that has rapidly become a popular tactic. The roots of this form of advertising are in the United States, where this is still most commonly practiced. However, there are still exceptions to this, as marketers across the world have tried to place different brands into a variety of media outlets to reach the consumers (Lee, Sung, & Gregorio, 2011). The research findings of this study suggest, “…decisions regarding product placement should be based on an understanding of cultural characteristics influencing consumers’ beliefs, values, norms, and attitudes” (Lee, Sung, & Gregorio, 2011, p. 377). What this shows is that cultural characteristics must be taken into consideration when using product placement. This can have an impact on society because America is a melting pot of different cultures. This can have a huge impact on how and when to use product placement for cultures. The second issue is
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