The Fashion Industry's Negative Effect on Body Image Essay

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Hannah Jessi English 14 September The Fashion Industry’s Negative Influence on Body Image Today the fashion industry controls nearly every media outlet we are exposed to. The industry has seeped their way into every aspect of our lives. This overwhelming presence makes them hard to ignore, arguably impossible. For ages fashion was merely amongst the affluent. Things have changed. Not only do we concern ourselves with trends, we become them. Advancements in technology and communication have reached an all time high. These advancements have changed the world, and the way in which we live. Media and communication have the utmost control over our lives, allowing marketing ploys, advertisements, and campaigns to become our greatest influencers as a society. These influences mold our ideals, our interests, and our values. Advertising and marketing campaigns can be seen anywhere and everywhere. From interstate billboards to pop-up adds on iPhone applications. As a society we have molded ourselves into materialistic idealists, constantly demanding bigger, better and more beautiful. Today what is depicted in advertising is what the media has labeled as desired. Beauty sells, and beauty is what we see. Whether we are looking at a billboard advertising a Hardee’s Thickburger, a commercial for Victoria’s Secret, or a campaign for Calvin Klein’s fragrance, beauty and sex appeal is present in all. This beauty is specific, and differs depending on gender. For males we tend to see a distinct, defined facial structure, and a strong, lean body. For females we tend to see naturally flawless skin and facial features, as well as a tall, slim figure. These images are seen everywhere, and overtime the continuous, consistent exposure creates a social acceptance. These advertisements become more than a marketing ploy for the product in which is being sold. They become the foundation

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