Elektra Products Inc.

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Saint Michael College Commerce Department A Case Analysis on Elektra Products Inc. In partial fulfilment To Management 1 Principles of Management Submitted by: Ybañez, Mary Lee L. Abogadie, Gige Delalamon, Ramon Submitted to: Mr. Kriszar Abrantes Navarroza I. Introduction In today’s turbulent world, many managers deal with crisis and confusion. Every day, managers solve difficult problems, turn organizations around, and achieve its goal, just like Elektra Products, Inc. They had once been a leading manufacturer and retailer of electrical products and supplies. In recent years, the company experience a mass of problems. By this we can recognize how the employees can achieve surprising results, understand and relate the empowerment campaign, and examines how Barbara Russel can meet the challenges in Elektra Products Inc. II. Summary of the case Martin Grriffin, who had been hired to revive the failing company as a new dynamic CEO quickly scheduled a meeting, he was going to announce a new era of employee involvement and empowerment at Elektra Products. Elektra Products Inc. Is an 80 year old that had once being a leading manufacturer and retailer of electrical products and supplies. In recent years the company experienced a mass of problems. In their meeting Martin Griffin opened the meeting with a challenge, he explained the new empowerment campaign, that it is based on the idea that giving employees skills, resources, authority, opportunity, motivation, as well holding them responsible and accountable for outcomes of their actions, will contribute to their competence and satisfaction. Barbara felt the excitement of the new empowerment campaign; but as she looked around the room, she saw many employees, including her friend Simon rolling their eyes. Barbara knows Simon and a lot
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