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Abstract In order to run an effective human resources department, you must devise a strategy for achieving key human resources needs. The key needs are employee recruitment, retention, motivation, development and engagement. Plastec with the help of Paul, the Human Resources Manager, can achieve these goals by using the strategic management process. Paul, along with the managers of Plastec can use this process of determining an organization course over the next year, as well as setting measurements of success. Case Analysis Paul at Plastec has found himself in a tough predicament because he is the first HR manager in a booming company. Paul has the opportunity to take this company to the next level if he can get and keep the required manning. Our learning team will be conducting an analysis on what skills sets Paul could be in need of when hiring a new person to assist him, which employment laws are most important to Paul, what Paul’s #1 priority for training will be, how important it is to update job descriptions for managers and three possible recruiting methods for Plastec workers. Paul has been trying to manage the HR department independently and it is creating many issues. The demand for more products puts demands on more employees which ultimately puts more demand on the HR department. Along with growth comes changes and that includes job descriptions and titles. Hiring an additional HR staff member was vital to help Paul maintain the growth of the company. Paul should begin to work on a job description and job specifications before he post about the new HR position. The job description will let prospective applicants know exactly what they need to do in this position (Mathis & Jackson, 2011). The job specification will let the prospective applicants know what they need to have acquired (knowledge, skills and abilities) to do the best job

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