Electromagnetism Essay

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Electromagnetism Everything is made out of atoms. Atoms consist of a nucleus (containing neutrons and protons) and a cloud of electrons surrounding the nucleus. Protons are positively charged and electrons are negatively charged. If an object has more protons than neutrons, then it is negatively charged. If an object has more electrons than protons, then it is positively charged. The electrons are bound to the nucleus by the electromagnetic force. There are four main forces: Electromagnetic, gravity, strong, and weak. At all times, there are always 2 forces acting upon an object. Also, for every force, there is an equal and opposite force acting against it. With the exception of gravity, the electromagnetic force is the force responsible for practically all the encounters in daily life above the nuclear scale. Roughly speaking, all the forces involved in interactions between atoms can be explained by the electromagnetic force acting on the electrically charged atomic nuclei and electrons inside and around the atoms, together with how these particles carry momentum by their movement. This includes the forces we experience in pushing or pulling ordinary material objects, which come from the intermolecular forces between the individual molecules in our bodies and those in the objects. With the exception of gravity, electromagnetic phenomena as described by quantum electrodynamics account for almost all physical phenomena observable to the human senses, including light and other electromagnetic radiation, all of chemistry, most of mechanics (excepting gravitation), and, of course, magnetism and electricity. Electromagnetic fields are time varying fields containing both electric fields and magnetic that feed upon each other even in a vacuum. A vacuum is defined as a void of medium. These field lines actually detatch themselves from the source and can exist on
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